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7 Easy Steps

  1. Register as an owner.  Registration on Sunkissed Vacations is FREE.  The registration information collected is used to connect you with your potential guests.  Every effort is made to protect this information.  Email addresses are never published on the Sunkissed Vacations Website.  This helps to prevent your email address from becoming a target for spam.  The owner information will also allow you to cross-link your personal Website with Sunkissed Vacations at no additional cost.
  2. Add your property.  Enter descriptive data about the property that you would like to offer for rent.  This is your first opportunity to describe the property and attract guests.  There is no additional cost for multiple properties.  If you already have a Website for your property, you can cross-link the property's Website with Sunkissed Vacations increasing your exposure.  There is no additional charge for this service.
  3. Describe the amenities.  This is your opportunity to upload additional photos.  Be as descriptive as possible about each photo.  The property description and the description of the amenities build content and help the search engines find your property.  If the search engines can find your property, so will your guests.
  4. Identify the features of the property.  Placing checkmarks next to the features that are pertinent to your property assists guests searching the properties listed on Sunkissed Vacations find their perfect match.  Handicap Accessible means that there are less than 2 steps to the front door or within the property.  Wheelchair accessible means that there are no steps and that hallways and doorways are wide enough (36 inches) for a person to maneuver a wheelchair.  There should also be at least one bathroom with support bars to assist a person in a wheelchair.  ADA compliant extends accessibility to all areas of the dwelling to include light switches and wall plugs at a height at which a person in a wheelchair can easily access.
  5. Provide a list of area attractions.  This is an option that allows you to attract more guests by highlighting places of interest.  This will help you attract the type of guests that are seeking a particular vacation experience.  Though Sunkissed Vacations does not charge any extra for this feature, you should obtain permission from the owner if you are going to use any content from their Website or include a link to their site.
  6. Define the rental rates.  Rates can be defined for the entire year or for each season.  The description of each rate period is free form but we recommend "January-April" vice "Low season" as it is more descriptive for potential guests.  The Period Beginning and Period Ending should define a generic day in the MM/DD format.  These fields will allow you to define ranges without having to constantly maintain a rental rate schedule.  These dates and rates can be changed at any time without impacting established reservations.  The new rates will be available immediately to prospective guests.
  7. Define the taxes and fees.  It is the philosophy of Sunkissed Vacations that guests are NEVER surprised with hidden fees.  If you allow pets in your vacation property and want to charge a pet fee, enter "Pet Fee" as the description.  Rates and Fees can either be a percentage or a flat fee.  Sunkissed Vacations reserves the right to terminate any listing for not disclosing all taxes and/or fees to potential guests.

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